We are easy to find. Just follow the North coast highway through Samana toward Las Galeras to its very end. Turn left and you'll turn right into Paradise.
Rincon Bay and Beach The province of Samana is considered by many to be the prettiest part of the Dominican Republic with its crystalline white sandy beaches, vibrant coral reefs, towering capes jutting into the Caribbean Sea, coconut-covered mountains and lush, tropical rainforests. "We spent a perfect time in Paradise. We enjoyed everything so much we have to come back." Hans-Peter (John) Hafeli, Zurich, Switzerland.
Las Galeras and Rincon Bays lie between two majestic capes: Samana and Cabron. In addition to having calm and well-protected waters, the twin bays host some eight beaches with two more beaches at the foot of Cape Samana.   Cape Samana
Rincon Beach cove Most are small and secluded, accessible by boat or horseback and one, Rincon Beach, is a world-class beach rated as the finest beach in all of the Caribbean and one of the world’s best.
The village of Las Galeras and surrounding area has a population numbering less than five thousand with many living on small farms throughout the lush countryside. The local economy is based on fishing, agriculture and tourism. Dominican Farm House
Downtown Las Galeras Within a short walk from the town's center, you will find several small grocery stores, a telephone-internet center, several boutiques, two salsa bars, a few small restaurants and cafes and several tour agencies.
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