Guest Recommendations

"People always feel more comfortable if they are able to ask things about their vacation in their own language." Jonas, Margareta, Hans and Camilla - May, '99.

Following are some guests that would be happy to speak of their experiences.
Please feel free to contact:

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, Santo Domingo: Manuel Rodriguez,

ENGLAND, London: Charles & Polly Damen, Tel: 44-171-2740309

GERMANY, Bremen: Gabriele Fritsch,

GERMANY, Cologne: Sicco Pleuger & Alexandra Heinrich, Tel: 221 12796333

GERMANY, Marl: Michael "Nero" Hirlehei, Tel: 0 23 65 / 10 50 93

GERMANY, Marl: Thomas Grasemann,

ITALY, Rome: Daniela Spada & Cesar Bocci,

NORWAY, Sellerzyk: John & Irene Eng

SWEDEN, Gottenburg: Jenny Vejbin & Glenn Adolfsson, Fax: 46 300 15217 (Glenn at work)

SWEDEN, Stockholm: Filip Tangen & Tara Suraya,

SWEDEN, Stockholm: Lasse "You Too" Lindell,

SWEDEN, Sundsvall: Jonas & Margareta Eriksson,

SWITZERLAND, Zurich: Silvia Risi & Hans-Peter (John) Hafeli, Tel: 01 340 14 50 Fax: 01 340 14 51

USA, Powder Springs, Georgia: Cas & Bunny Waddell,

VENEZUELA, Caracas: Victor & Laura Rodriguez,